We are what we do!


by people & for people

TM Profs is an engineering company. We deliver engineering services for technology and product development projects.
We work in two ways, both of which end up in engineering and people:

  • We find the right skilled person for the specific needs in a project: engineering knowledge .
  • We bring different skills together and we find the right place to use these skills: knowledge engineering .

Engineering consultancy

Our engineers work close to our clients, indeed very close and
we always prove to be added value.

Business Development & Sales

We are good at transmitting messages and opening doors to new markets/clients.

Consultancy sounds distant, but actually we are placed inside the client's team.
Therefore, we are not providing only consultancy but dive deep into the technical issue and take responsibility with our highly skilled engineering team.
However, we are still invoicing every hour that we work for a client like any other consultancy.

When it comes to business development, we have expertise of years and entrepreneurial energy of the current time in house.
Therefore, we are delighted to work on the business case of our clients and generate new opportunities such that we can do even more engineering projects.
For business development activities, we'll ask for a cup of coffee at first and then earn our investment back by engineering hours that we'll spend.

Future colleague, Max (16) explains what we do:

TmProfs introduces potential employees, to whom we refer as candidates, to clients who are in need of technical assistance for a project. This starts with the candidate who contacts us, usually through our website. However in some cases we'll find and contact the candidate first. We make sure that the candidate is specialized in the subject which requires attention in the project. When and if the client approves of the candidate he will receive a contract which will be signed by all parties and he should be able to start working there. He will be asked to fill in his hours which will be signed by the client. At the end of every month the client will receive the hours, and the payment will be due to next month.

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